The experience

An immersive prison Escape Room with actors. You are locked up in a prison in the heart of Barcelona. Your goal is simple: you need to escape. During this experience, you will meet guards and inmates, unlock different rooms and you will need to show ingenuity, creativity and courage to overcome the various obstacles in your path. Do not worry, a friend will be there to help you if needed ...

1h15. At most, your playing time will be 1h05 minutes. 1h15 in total including the pre-game briefing.

2 to 6 people per team. One team per scenario. If your group is bigger than 6, you can book multiple scenarios.

No. Each scenario has its own route and its own rooms. Groups in different scenarios will not cross each other during the game.

Yes. Each scenario consists of a different escape route, with different rooms, puzzles and actors. Why not try another scenario?!

Practical Information

Yes. Please arrive 10 minutes before your booking time to prepare for the game.

From 18 years old. From 15 to 18 years old, it will be necessary to be accompanied by at least one adult per group.

No. You will not get dirty but avoid coming in a tuxedo or evening dress. We will provide you an orange jumpsuit.

Yes. Language is not a barrier to solving riddles. Do not worry, the guards and prisoners you meet (professional actors) know how to make themselves understood ... Whatever your language, you are welcome.

Yes, with the exception of the scenario "THE END OF THE TUNNEL". The scenarios "THE COLD SHOWER" and "THE TAKEOVER" are suitable.

Yes, with the exception of the scenario "THE END OF THE TUNNEL". The scenarios "THE COLD SHOWER" and "THE TAKEOVER" are suitable.

Booking and payment

Yes. The full payment must be made when booking online. The transaction is completely secure.

You can modifiy the time or the date of your booking by calling us directly, at least 48 hours before your reservation date. However, it is impossible to cancel a reservation.

Yes. You can add a member to your team at the last minute, provided that your team does not exceed 6 people. The additional player(s) will have to pay the additional cost in cash at the prison.

Team Building

18 people, every 90 minutes. The game has 3 simultaneous scenarios that can each accommodate up to 6 people. If your group has more than 18 people, you can book multiple sessions in a row. Do not hesitate to contact us directly to make the reservation.

Online booking or bank transfer. If you are a company, you can make your payment by bank transfer by contacting us directly. Alternatively, you can also book the session (s) directly online. An invoice is available upon request.

We offer a variety of optional services so you can have the best experience. Please refer to our "Team Building" page to access the list of additional services offered.



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