Prison Experience is a combination of classic Escape Game and immersive theater. It’s an "Escape Game" (or escape room) because you are solving puzzles and finding clues and an "Immersive theater" because players are confronted by a "real" environment and actors embodying guards or other prisoners, with whom you have to interact.


A 500 square meters prison located in the heart of Barcelona.


A famous prison where guards are renowned for their unorthodox methods of maintaining order among the prisoners. There is an atmosphere of fear and even terror in the prison. Prisoners having the misfortune to enter only desire one thing, to escape as quickly as possible.


There are 3 unique scenarios, with different levels of difficulty. Each scenario relies on specific rooms, characters (actors), and puzzles. Therefore the experience will differ radically from one scenario to another.

Type of players:

Each scenario has its own level of difficulty catering all audiences , from novice to experienced players.
The game is available in Spanish or English.
In addition, Prison Experience can accommodate up to 18 players. Large groups are welcome team building events and bachelor (stag) and bachelorette (hen) parties.
Whether you are a family, a group of friends, colleagues, a small group, a large group, you will fully enjoy the experience.

In short...


Immersive scenarios in a 500 sq m2 high security prison.

"It's simple, I thought I was Mickael Scofield for 1h30." Jordi, 31 years old


Professional actors enhance the immersive experience. It’s totally interactive.

"The guards and inmates we met made the experience even more real. They amused us, surprised us and terrified us... Bravo!" Clara, 22 years old


The puzzles and mechanisms are Innovative and surprising.

"We never imagined the result of some puzzles or rooms... It was very diverse. We will definitly come back for another scenario!" Pedro, 45 years old